1: The Big Circus Edit

Lady Gaga (Ringmaster) Christian Slater (BYG Ballet) Enders R Elementry (BYG Vid) {C}{C The Lady Tigra "We Love Clowns" (BYG Guest) {C}

2: I Just Love Bugs Edit

St Mary's School (BYG Vid) Electralene "Bugs Are Awesome"

3: My Friend The Doctor Edit

Jack Black as Dr. Sleem

Ladybug Transistor "Soup" (BYG Guest)

7: First Day of School Edit

Beyonce as Ms. White

The Aquabats "Teacher" (BYG Guest) Primary School

8: A Long Walk to Water Edit

"Woo Hoo" by The Flowers of Hell

9: The Big Sleep Edit

"Pajama Party Time" by Enon Mila Kinus Tim Curry Rob Paulsen (Voices)

12: Space Edit

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

"We're Different, We're the Same" "Stars"